Loon Songs


Loons on the lake carry tunes of longing

like my words do for me

Graceful eased efforts took me to the high reeds this summer morning

where I found an opening


As I child I sought  butterflies and fireflies

to keep them as my own

For it was beauty that I wished to catch,

to hold


On this morning, through the reeds, I heard a familiar whisper

of Truth

“Beauty cannot be captured by way of nets, jars nor lenses

It is too big.”


A deep settling falls into my chest as I rest with this truth

Finally, I allow myself to melt into the landscape

I am beauty and I am big


The gentle breeze that sings harmonies

with the birds in the trees, create the soft quaking of love

in the water beneath me


Now when I hear loons sing their tunes again,

I know it’s one of belonging.



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