There are two kinds of people in this world

Prophets (the playwrites)


the fulfillers of prophecies (the actors)

And so I ask…

What visions do you disseminate?


To what scripts do you adhere?


This is how wars begin.

The good news…

This is also how they end.



Holy Matrimony

I am available for holy matrimony.

The mixing of you and me, the alchemy of the “I” and the “Thee.”

In my fullness, I offer

My Heart

My Soul

My Spirit

Picture me jumping into a clear lake





And yet, porous and permeable to the offerings of

Your Cool Waters

Your Holiness

Your Sacred Heart

In matrimony that is holy, anything that is no longer needed simply washes away.

And what is true, my love, simply remains.

Divine Guidance

To allow Divine guidance one must embrace the unknown.

The Wilderness

The Desert

Open space

Picture hopping one stone to the next.  The words “I don’t know” repeat, become tonal and eventually turn into song.

And every once in a while there is an opening and the view is long.  It is as if you can see things from every angle, all at once.

You see the purpose of every step that came before and every step that is yet to come.

When you learn to trust that you are stepping to the tune of your song, you will know that what it has been all along and what it will be forever more, is a dance.

Divine Gui-dance