Paradox for Pardon

Interesting how you worship the blood of a man, yet you are repulsed by the blood of a woman.

And which of these is actually responsible for eternal life?

You know the answer. You always have.

There is power in a creature that can bleed for days on end and not die.

Did this make you feel small? Scared? Insignificant?

Is this why you killed the witches?

You needed a nasty woman to make yourself into a righteous man.

If only you would have known that your worth is not dependent on the denigration of the other.

That sacredness is not about separateness, but rather the sum of all parts.

You did not need to murder mystery in order to find clarity. Now, you have only left room for paradox.

When you killed her, you killed yourself.

This is why your eyes are empty.  Your tower is golden, but hollow.  Your hallways are haunted (and you know by who).

There is only one way out of this nightmare (and our souls depend on it).

Resurrect the Witches

…and they will be the ones to resurrect the man.


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