I’ve Tried

I’ve tried every healing and indeed,

they have all been good


I’ve tried the type where I trace the traumas of my mother

and the wounds of my father

down through the roots of my family tree.


I’ve tried the type where I harness my anger

and scream out to a room.

All so that I may be free.


I’ve tried the type where I channel the light

and send it straight out through my hands


I’ve tried the type where I send the light

to people in all of the lands.


And, Indeed.  They have all been good.


Yet here on this day, as I sit and I pray

I see a path that is open and wide.

It calls out my name and says, “Go where you please.”

There are no more rules to abide.


Even if you move forwards and then go backwards, 

you will still be moving forwards, my dear.


So wander about and sing every song.

These three words will move you along.

The first one is “I” and the last one is “you.”

In the middle is the only one that’s true.


Put it together and let it flow through your life.

These three words of, “I love you.”